Declaration of Website Availability

The owner of the Polish Graduate Tracking System is the Ministry of Science and Higher Education which has its registered seat in Warsaw at the following address: ul. Wspólna 1/3. The operator of the system referred to above is the National Information Processing Institute (OPI-PIB).

The National Information Processing Institute (OPI-PIB) undertakes to make its website available under the Act of 4 April 2019 on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities. The declaration of availability applies to the website.

Date of publication of the website:
Date of the last update:

Compliance with the Act

The website partially complies with the Act on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities due to non-compliance or exclusions listed below.

Unavailable content

  • Aria-label attributes may be missing.
  • Contrast of some infographics may be inadequate.
  • Ornamental elements may be blocked for screen readers.
  • Tooltips may be inaccessible from your keyboard.
  • Alternative texts for some pictures may be missing.
  • PDF files on the website may not meet the requirements of digital accessibility.

The website is being modified to make it more available. With enhancements introduced on a regular basis, the availability will be gradually improving over time.


  • PDF files in the Expert Zone which have not been created by OPI-PIB.

Preparation of the Declaration of Availability

The Declaration was made on:
The Declaration was last reviewed and updated on:

The Declaration was made on the basis of a self-assessment of a public entity.

Feedback and contact data

Any website availability issues should be reported.All queries should be sent to Rafał Jendrzejewski at or telephone number: 512 014 561. Any requests to make unavailable information available as well as any complaints regarding unavailability should be submitted to the e-mail address above.

Each person has the right to make a request for digital access to the website, mobile application or any element thereof. It is also possible to request for making information available with the use of an alternative access method, e.g. for reading out a document that is digitally unavailable, describing the content of a video without audiodescription etc. In their request the requesting person should include their data, specify a website or a mobile application to which the request pertains, and to indicate the preferred contact method. If the requesting person requests for information provided with the use of an alternative access method, they should additionally specify the preferred method of providing information.

The public entity shall fulfill the request as soon as possible but not later than within 7 days as from the date of the request. Should meeting the said deadline prove impossible, the public entity shall, without delay, notify the requesting person when it will be possible to fulfill the request, the new deadline not exceeding 2 months as from the date of the request. Should it prove impossible to ensure digital availability, the public entity may propose an alternative information access method. If the entity refuses to fulfill the request for ensuring availability or an alternative information access method, the requesting person will have the right to make a complaint.

Once the procedure specified above has been exhausted, the requesting person will also have the right to file a complaint with the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Information on architectural accessibility

Architectural accessibility - ul. Wspólna 1/3

The building can be accessed via 3 entrances. The main entrance to the building is from 20 Hoża Street; the building can also be accessed via two entrances from Wspólna Street. Guests should use the main entrance.

The reception desk is located in the lobby, opposite the main entrance. To make it possible for deaf persons using hearing aids to receive sounds via a T-coil, the reception desk has been fitted with an audio induction loop system. To the right of the main entrance there is a mail department office, and to the left there is a cloakroom. In the hall there are notice boards identified by contrast colors. The boards are hung at a height making it convenient for wheelchair users and short persons to read them. Other areas of the building can be accessed only via electronic gates. The gates are wide enough for wheelchair users.

The building has 4 elevators adapted to the needs of wheelchair users and visually impaired persons; raised dots embossed on the floor buttons make it possible for the visually impaired to read the floor numbers in Braille. Wheelchair users can access all corridors and rooms on all floors of the building, i.e. the ground floor and floors from 1st to 5th. Thresholds between corridors and office rooms have been lowered to the floor level. In exceptional cases, the height of thresholds complies with regulations in force and does not exceed 2cm. Vivid colors of the thresholds make them more visible.

The building has two vertical passageways (stairs) on the right and on the left side of the building. Stair steps (the first and the last) are marked with yellow warning stripes. Braille raised dots embossed on banisters provide the visually impaired with the information on where the stairs lead to. The inner continuous banister serves as the escape route for the visually impaired. The outer continuous banister serves as the regular moving route for the visually impaired.

The disabled toilet is located on the ground floor, in the right (eastern) wing of the building.

At the entrance to the parking lot, next to the gate barrier, there is a loudspeaker and a button which can be used by the visually impaired to call for assistance.

In front of the building there is 1 clearly marked parking space for wheelchair users. The parking space is integrated with a passageway (sidewalk). The sidewalk leading to the main entrance is lowered to the ground level and adapted to the needs of wheelchair users. Vivid colors of the sidewalk curb make it more visible.

Assistance dogs and guide dogs are allowed in all rooms of the building.

In the building there are signs with information in large print for partially sighted persons (route leading to the main exit from the building on the ground floor).

A receptionist provides assistance to anyone having problems with moving around the building.

Contact for persons experiencing permanent or periodical problems with communication

According to the Act of 19 August 2011 on sign language and other means of communication (Polish Journal of Laws, Dz. U., of 2017, item 1824), the Ministry of Education and Science provides the following methods to contact the office to persons experiencing permanent or periodical problems with communication:

SMS: +48 601 673 461
Fax: 22 34 74 261
Skype: Ministerstwo Edukacji i Nauki

We also provide access to PJM, SJM and SKOGN translation services. Should you wish to use the services referred to above, please inform us about it 3 days before your scheduled visit in the office.

Documents necessary to handle official matters are provided by the Ministry of Education and Science to authorized persons, in an accessible form, upon their request. Authorized persons are also entitled to be accompanied by an assisting person in contacting Ministry's representatives.

Mobile applications

Ministry of Education and Science provides mobile application ELA for Android system.