Polish Graduate tracking system - Build a ranking

Build a ranking

Statistics on the professional situation of the graduates of your chosen faculty are shown on the graph against similar faculties. For comparison, we choose fields of study in the faculties that interests you. We also determine the other characteristics of fields of study and graduates in accordance with your instructions, i.e. the form and level of studies, the year of obtaining the diploma and professional experience before obtaining the diploma.

For example, the situation of graduates from the 2022 sociology faculty, at the second level of full-time studies, without any professional experience before obtaining a diploma, we show against the background of the graduates of 2022 of other faculties in the field of social sciences, at the second level of full-time studies, also without professional experience before obtaining diploma.

Have in mind that the professional situation of graduates of the chosen field depends on the condition of the local labor market. As a rule, the cost of living in large cities is higher than in small towns. On the other hand, unemployment in large cities is usually lower than in small towns. Therefore, when comparing fields of study, use first of all the relative indicators of earnings and unemployment. Relative indicators take into account the condition of the local labor market and better reflect the real professional situation of graduates.